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May of 2022 Jermaine found himself in a completely new and exciting role for the Fortune 50's 4th ranked company, CVS Health as a Product Strategist. He was forced to go beyond the abstract nature of traditional design work and completely submerge himself into the disciplined realm of critical thinking in order to be successful in this new role.


CVS headquarters in Woonsocket, RI

While at CVS, Jermaine was responsible for product vision, adopting and implementing the appropriate research methods, product roadmaps in addition to minimum design work as needed.

Despite playing key roles in POS, RxConnect and Pharmacy modernization, Jermaine's contribution to the DUR (Drug Utilization Review) sector of CVS has undoubtedly been one of his most impactful to date. DUR is a warning verification that lives within the RxConnect application. If a technician fills a prescription wrong, a DUR warning pop up appears and serves as a deterrent     . DUR is essentially the screen that could save countless lives each physical year.



Alongside CVS Sr Vice President Jeff Hawkins

Outside of his meaningful DUR work, Jermaine received acclaim for introducing the "crowd meter" to the CVS app. This feature allowed customers to see how densely populated a store was/or wasn't prior to their visit. During a competitor analysis, many colleague facing opportunities also surfaced and solidified the value of this product. The crowd meter helped drive CVS mobile app adoption from .5-.75%, to an impressive 90%.

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