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Project Overview: Prosegur is a security company that serves clients from various environments including residential, construction, and corporate settings. 

Problem: Client suffered from potential cross contamination issues due to employees sharing a single phone to clock in/out each shift. Also, client expressed concerns over the stealing of company time by employees clocking each other in without being present. 

Process: After conducting user interviews with all 15 staff members, I created the prototype for Mobile and Tablet Applications that would allow employees to clock in/out of each shift from their own phones. This eliminated the legacy system and reduced the possibility of stealing company time. An additional pain point resolved was the introduction of employee schedule and time off requests built directly into the app.

My Role: UX Designer


  • Primary Research - Interviews, Heuristic Evaluation/Expert Review, Use Cases 

  • Design - Sitemap, Wireframing, Prototyping, MVP

Research Summary:
We selected 3 main methods of user research

Unmoderated Interviews
I met face-to-face with 15 current employees for a duration of 30 minutes each to rank choices for site content. I probed their attitudes, beliefs, desires and experiences to get a deeper understanding of the users who visit the site.

Heuristic Evaluation
My sites interface was reviewed by usability experts and compared against accepted usability principles. This provided early feedback in the design process and allowed me to incorporate feedback going forward. 

Use Cases

Due to the cross contamination aspect of this problem, I decided incorporating use cases into the research fold would pay huge dividends. My use case included who is using the website, what they want to do, they're goal, steps to accomplish a task and how the website should respond to an action.

Research Summary: Pain Points

Screenshot (434).png
Screenshot (435).png
Screenshot (436).png

Employees sharing the same 
phone to clock in/out

Global pandemic

Cross contamination concerns

Screenshot (437).png

Employees stealing company time

Competitor Analysis

Screenshot (1231).png

Sitemap - Prosegur

Screenshot (476).png


Pencil and paper sketch of frames associated with Prosegur Security. Each frame is a direct result of research gathered by current employees and prioritized accordingly.


Mood Boards

After establishing our user personas, we were able to accurately express the emotions of our target audience through Mood Boards. This research method reflected the moods between the healthy and unhealthy person. A healthy person is one who santitized the shared phone before and after every use, while the unhealthy person is someone who uses the clock in/out phone without taking any precaution whatsoever. 

Healthy Person
- Upbeat, positive mood coupled with a healthy diet and active life.

Unhealthy Person
- Always feeling ill, tends to fight sickness with prescription drugs.

Screenshot (540).png
Screenshot (542).png

Digital Wireframes

This is the homepage, products, ordering and checkout pages of the mobile app. It's simple, clean, easy to navigate and the user can place orders for their medication.

Screenshot (473)_edited.jpg


  • Wireframes are useful to make outlines for the perspective designs.

  • ​The initial wireframes were pencil and paper sketches, for the digital screen I created the initial home page in Figma to show management. Once approved I moved to Adobe XD to create low fidelity prototype which was used for user testing.

  • Receiving the feedback we started creating low-fidelity prototypes for product pages.

  • We used Adobe XD to create high fidelity prototype.

UI Design

I opted for a friendly and warm theme to help highlight the affectionate aspect of dogs up for adoption.
My design centers around the color purple, which represents peace, strength and compassion.

Prosegur Style Guide.png

Usability Testing: Findings

Upon creating a prototype I conducted user testing to how easily the users could navigate the website.


  • Users found the app easy to use and needed no further instructions on how to adopt a dog on it.


  • Additional options such as selecting the height and weight of the dog was very useful to users.

  • Color and font selection were well received and app overall fun to interact with.

Screenshot (1187)_edited.jpg

Final Screens / Deliverables

Screenshot (1183)_edited.jpg
Screenshot (1186)_edited.jpg

Tablet Version

Screenshot (1133)_edited.jpg


* As a result of the user research conducted throughout this case study, Prosegur was able to reduce employee call outs by 95% due to illness. 

Employees stealing company time was 100% eliminated after discontinued use of the traditional same share phone feature.

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