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In 2015, Jermaine was commissioned by Walgreens area director Valerie Novokhatskyy to ideate and design visual concepts that supplement the $139.5 billion dollar acquisition of the beauty retailer and UK pharmacy chain Boots. These visuals included establishing contemporary logo designs that embodied and adhered to company branding guidelines, remodeling of the entire walkway to the flagship distribution center in Windsor, CT and strategically placing images intended to elevate levels of morale throughout the distribution center.

Working on Wag Rebranding Deal.JPG

Role: Product Designer

Project Length: 4yrs, 10mos

Walgreens/Boots Alliance Logo Concepts

WAG logo concept.jpg

Company Mission Statement

23410 (1).jpg
Me and Val.JPG

Walgreens area director Valerie Novokhatskyy standing next to one of Jermaine's designs.


Location: Walgreens Distribution Center Windsor, CT

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