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Project Overview: Daters Are Vaxed is a start up dating app exclusively designed to serve vaccinated users who want to date other vaccinated users.

Problem: The 2020 global pandemic devastated and disrupted many aspects of normal life, including dating. People who wanted a chance at finding love developed a growing concern to know the vaccination status of potential love interests prior to having a encounter. Daters Are Vaxed is a dating app created to bridge the gap between cupid and modern medicine. Now those in the dating market can swipe left and swipe right with the peace of mind of knowing that their love interest is fully or partially vaccinated.

Solution: To create a dating app experience where the users vaccination status is already predetermined. Users can navigate through fully and partially vaccinated dating profiles and . Participants have to upload a valid vaccination card that isn't made available in their public profiles, but is seen by the DAV team to determine authenticity. After authenticity is verified, the user will be eligible to create a new profile.

My Role: UX Designer / UX Researcher


  • User Research - Interviews, Pendo Analytics, Journey Mapping

  • Design - UI for Mobile and Web, Low Fidelity Prototype, High Fidelity Prototype

Research Summary:

We selected 3 main methods of user research

Moderated Interviews

Five participants were qualified via a screener prior to being interviewed. Each participant was vaccinated, (both fully and partially) and interested in a dating experience that only involved other vaccinated people. 


I asked task-driven feedback questions that required users to provide insight into their experience with current dating applications. Open-ended questions about expectations, favorite features, and first impressions created opportunities for follow up questions about dating app experience. 

Journey Mapping

A visual representation of the steps a customer goes through and the feelings expressed while encountering each touch point, proved to be a valuable resource. 

Research Summary: Pain Points

Screenshot (434).png
Screenshot (435).png
Screenshot (436).png
Screenshot (437).png

Fake vaccination cards

Online dating can be dangerous

Fake profile pics


Customer Journey Map

Screenshot (1216).jpg

User flow was created to track the journey of someone who wants to date a fully or partially vaccinated man.

User flow was created to track the journey of someone who wants to date a fully or partially vaccinated woman.

Screenshot (1087)_edited.jpg

User Flow

Low Fidelity User Flow

Screenshot (1089).png

Information Architecture

Screenshot (1091).png

Digital Wireframes

Screenshot (1009)_edited.jpg


  • Wireframes are useful to make outlines for the perspective designs.

  • ​The initial wireframes were pencil and paper sketches, for the digital screen I created the initial home page in Figma to show management. Once approved I moved to Adobe XD to create low fidelity prototype which was used for user testing.

  • Receiving the feedback we started creating low-fidelity prototypes for product pages.

  • We used Adobe XD to create high fidelity prototype.

UI Design

Cooler and more soothing tones were selected for the UI of Daters Are Vaxed to help relieve the anxiety associated with such a controversial topic. 

Different shades of blue represent tranquility and calmness which can in turn alleviate anxiety.  stability

Screenshot (993).png

Usability Testing: Findings

Upon creating the prototype I conducted user testing to see how the users could navigate the website easily.


  • Most of the users liked the more user friendly and simple navigation.​

  • 4 step directions on homepage reduced bounced rate

  • Users enjoyed the customization features, but it left them wanting more options.

Screenshot (1189)_edited.jpg

Final Screens / Deliverables

Screenshot (1172)_edited.jpg
Screenshot (1174)_edited.jpg


* The Daters Are Vaxxed dating app immediate success can be measured in first week downloads compared to competitors. DAR was downloaded a total of 162,381 times from 3/7/22 - 3/11/22, while first week downloads for other dating apps ranged from 50,000 and the most popular totaling 75,000.

* Opportunities to go beyond covid vaccination status alone and to incorporate additional vaccines like tuberculosis, measles, and rubella would expand the scope of this app. 

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