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When Curtis "50" Cent Jackson began marketing efforts to promote his new luxury liquor line Effen Vodka, he reached out to an old friend who was also instrumental in creating graphic design work for many G-Unit members over the years. The idea was simple, 50 Cent was in a public rivalry with long time music industry antagonist Sean Combs and his wildly successful Ciroc brand. Curtis needed outside the box thinking and artistic ingenuity to reflect his dominance in this new market space. As a result, Jermaine started the #NoPuffyJuice hashtag in addition to an illustration of a Effen Vodka bottle crushing a bottle of Ciroc. The visual was a hit and so impactful that 50 posted it on his verified Instagram account. 


Role: UX / SEO Specialist

Project Length: 1yr, 3mos

50 Cent and Jermaine at Effen Vodka event

50 Cent Posts My Work on His IG.jpg

* 50 Cent's verified Instagram account

* Account has 26.8 mil followers

* Over 30,000 likes on post


* 50 Cents official road DJ, DJ Chubby Chub

* #NoPuffyJuice hashtag in use

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